NEW!  The City of Santa Rosa is in the process of drafting a NEW Active Transportation Plan (to replace our old "Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan." You can check out their website for updates on the process  

What is a safe, low-stress bicycle network?

Low-stress bicycle infrastructure creates comfortable breathing room between motorized vehicles and people traveling by bike, usually using buffered or protected bike lanes or off-street pathways. In the places that cars and bikes must interact, like intersections, low-stress infrastructure uses paint, lane design, and sometimes dedicated traffic signals to make it clear to everyone on the road where they belong, and where they need to pay extra attention.  We count a network as complete and low-stress if it allows users of all ages and abilities to get to any destination in the city without a high-stress encounter with motorized traffic, and without injury. 

Check out this helpful primer on the many ways a city can implement protected bike lanes:

Why is it important that Santa Rosa rapidly build a safe low-stress bike network?

Read more about the economic, safety and equity benefits in this overview from People for Bikes.

Research Shows -- Better bike infrastructure means MORE riders and FEWER injuries and traffic collisons! From Pucher and Buehler, American Journal of Public Health, Dec 2016

Where can I learn more?

For more information about low-stress, connected bike networks in cities throughout the U.S., see these resources:

2020 CalBike Webinar on Rapid Installation Low Stress Bike Networks

(Minutes 20 - 40 minutes are especially relevant)

2022 CityThread Presentation of Rapid Installation Low Stress Bike Networks success stories in 5 U.S. cities (Minutes 16:30 - 27:00 highlight success stories)

2020 CalBike 4-page quick-build bicycle infrastructure brochure

2020 CalBike 77-page quick-build bicycle infrastructure white paper

2020 Press release about a Cambridge, Mass city council decision to mandate the completion of its low-stress bike network by 2026

2021 People for Bikes Interview and Video about 400-mile low stress bike network being installed in Austin, TX.

For more information about the state of bike infrastructure in Santa Rosa, check out these resources:

2018 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan 

2021 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Annual Progress Report

2021 - 2022  Santa Rosa City Traffic Safety corridor studies and proposed changes to streets