Bikeable Santa Rosa

Bikeable Santa Rosa is an all-volunteer group of Santa Rosa residents.

Our mission is to catalyze the rapid completion of a safe and low-stress bicycle network connecting all neighborhoods in Santa Rosa.

Using bikes for transportation is a healthy, eco-friendly, community-friendly option. With protected bike lanes, bike-safe intersection design, and other low-cost measures, the city can create bicycle routes that are safe and welcoming for users of all ages and abilities. A complete and connected network will allow people to get wherever they need to go in the city by bike.

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Good news team! We reached our goal! Thank you to everyone who chipped in, and to all who helped spread the word. We are excited to move forward with the next phase of action planning!

Check out this great video of Matt, manager at Trek Santa Rosa, explaining why the Trek employees decided to donate to our campaign.

The 2nd Sunday of every month, we come together for a slow, family-friendly get-to-know-our-city ride! We choose a SR neighborhood, identify community groups, orgs, and businesses in that neighborhood doing cool things and go check it out! See "events" for more details.

(Image courtesy of The Mural Project, Mural by Joshua Lawyer)

Our Values

  • Helping families meet their transportation needs

  • Supporting eco-friendly options for transportation

  • Empowering and protecting youth and other non-driving residents

  • Decreasing traffic collisions of all types

  • Building friendlier, healthier, and more connected communities

  • Having fun!

See "Our Values" and "Resources" for more details

Also, we have recently launched a Facebook page!