Our Values

Protecting youth and other vulnerable street users

Children and many other Santa Rosa residents can't — or choose not to — rely on driving to meet their daily transportation needs, but too many of our streets continue to prioritize cars over other users. Safe, welcoming bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure would allow most of these residents to get to where they need to go on a daily basis, freeing them to move comfortably and affordably around the city.

Helping families meet their transportation needs

Many Santa Rosa parents do not feel it is safe to let their children and teens ride to and from school, extracurricular activities, and social events. This places a significant burden on Santa Rosa parents, who must factor chauffeuring duties into their already busy lives. More importantly, it burdens and constrains our youth, whose options and opportunities are limited by their family’s ability to get them around. 

These burdens are not experienced equitably. Financially constrained households are more likely to have parents that are employed full time in non-flexible jobs, limiting their capacity to assist their kids with transportation. Financially constrained households also tend to have fewer and less reliable cars, compounding transportation difficulties. 

Reducing congestion & supporting healthy lifestyles

Every person who chooses to go by bike instead of car takes up less room on the street, reduces congestion, decreases parking demand, and decreases air pollution. Bicycle infrastructure is less expensive to install and maintain than car infrastructure. And bicycling also promotes healthy exercise. The city should do everything in its power to support and encourage those who are interested in using bikes for transportation.

Supporting eco-friendly options for transportation

The city of Santa Rosa and the County of Sonoma have passed climate emergency resolutions, committing to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and helping transition to greener transportation options. However, research from around the country shows that only about 2 -3 % of adults are willing to ride on roads like those in Santa Rosa. Everyone else feels unsafe or unwelcome. This means that if the city hopes to achieve its goal of getting 10% of the population to travel by bike, it must invest in changing the design of our roads. 

Decreasing traffic collisions of all types

The city of Santa Rosa and the County of Sonoma have engaged in a Vision Zero plan that seeks to address our high rates of traffic collisions, and related injuries and deaths. The most current research from traffic engineers shows that dedicated bicycle infrastructure and traffic calming measures are some of the most effective tools for making the roads safer for ALL USERS, including drivers.

Building friendlier, more connected communities

The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) has compiled a helpful list of the 10 ways that better bicycle infrastructure benefits those who never get on their bikes at all, including reduced noise, cleaner air, a friendlier community vibe, and savings to taxpayers. A bikeable Santa Rosa is a livable Santa Rosa.

Having fun!

We believe JOY and CONNECTION and COMMUNITY should be a daily part of life. Our campaign for a bikeable Santa Rosa welcomes everyone who wants to help make our city less stressful and more fun!